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At NAILcessity & SPA, we take it above and beyond your regular manicure and pedicure and make it an amazing experience so that you will thoroughly enjoy our salon from the beginning to the end. We provide the finest services, using only top-quality products for the best and long-lasting results. Our licensed staff and technicians are devoted to addressing your specific needs and concerns and most importantly, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.




We are a team of nail care professionals with high training, aspiring to make your experience at NAILcessity & SPA a satisfying one. At our salon, we follow the following policy for the mutual convenience of the customers and the salon. 

* If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, we may require you to reschedule.

* If you are diabetic, or have any infection, we might refuse you services. If you insist on still receiving the service, it will be at your own risk, and we will not be responsible for any consequences.

* We have the right to refuse or stop service for any person who is rude or comes with a bad attitude.

* No loud phone calls or conversations are allowed inside the salon. 

* We do not provide refunds on services. However, we will try our best to address your issues with services, if any. 

* Our prices are available on the menu. Please also confirm the prices with the nail techs before receiving the services.

* You will be fully responsible for your personal belongings during your visit. You will have to pay compensation if you damage any of the salon products during the visit, such as a broken nail polish. 

* Our polish application may last differently, depending on each client’s lifestyle, health and the adherence to the maintenance instructions. However, NAILcessity & SPA GUARANTEES  that you can return to the salon to have your polish repaired for FREE of charge in the first three days after your appointment.

* We will refuse services if we feel that it would be harmful to you.

* If you are coming with kids, we request you to take care of them.

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At our salon, we value customer satisfaction above everything else.


We care about your opinion. Contact us anytime, and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.